Porte-bagage TUBUS acier crmo arrière Cargo Classic 28 noir Agrandir l'image

Porte-bagage TUBUS acier crmo arrière Cargo Classic 28 noir



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Porte-bagage TUBUS acier crmo arrière Cargo Classic 28 noir, plateforme 120x300mm, hauteur 375mm, maxi 26kg, fixation

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Porte-bagage TUBUS acier arrière Cargo Classic 28 noir

Our classic - your favourite since 1988.
This model is the basis for all of our carrier
models. The CARGO is our all around carrier.
Everyone is pleased with the performance
of this carrier. On the road all over the
world, the CARGO endures tough daily
routine check-ups tested by its owners.

Improved over time in every single detail,
the CARGO is good for your daily ride or
even the next world tour. It fits most bikes
and carries most panniers.

Material: acier léger 25CrMo4
Wheel size: 26" oder 28"
Weight: ca. 533 g (28er)
Mounting parts: ca. 148 g
Additional load: 26 kg/57.3 lbs.*
Maximum admissible load capacity for this carrier is limited to 26 kg /57.3 lbs. as ISO 11243:2016 allows mounting a child seat from an admissible load of 27 kg /59.5 lbs. or more. The carrier is not allowed for mounting a child seat and consequently not allowed for transporting children; therefore load capacity has to be limited to 26 kg/57.3 lbs. The carrier was successfully tested according ISO 11243:2016 with a test load of 40 kg?/?88.1 lbs., however, due to the above-mentioned legal reasons it is only admissible for a maximum load of 26 kg/57.3 lbs.